Tikus Delivery a startup launches the first bike delivery platform in Addis Ababa

Tikus Delivery a startup launches the first bike delivery platform in Addis Ababa which will revolutionize the way the current delivery system works.

Tikus Delivery, proudly owned by Avenir Technologies is an on-demand delivery service launched in Addis Ababa with a target of employing 1,000 unemployed youths. The company aims to accomplish this by supporting local businesses and developing new ways for people to earn, work, and live. Tikus Delivery sees this as just the beginning of an effort to connect people with jobs, better pay, happier days, and stronger communities.

Tikus satisfies Customers’ cravings and provides them with opportunities to have more time and energy for themselves and others they care about by putting their favorite restaurants at their fingertips. To effectively achieve this Tikus utilizes specifically designed apps for Customers, Delivery Riders, and Restaurants. Customers can order from Tikus via the Tikus Call Center 9133, the Tikus iOS app, or the Tikus Android app. The procedure for ordering is relatively the same regardless of which form you use. Choose your preferred restaurant, add the items you want to order, then proceed to the checkout. As a customer users have the option to track every step of their order as it makes its way to customers’ destination in real-time.

When riders work and deliver with Tikus, they gain flexibility and financial Benefit, making their life easier and their goals more attainable, all on their own time and terms. With the support and collaboration of ‘The BRIDGES programme’, which is a Mastercard Foundation – Young Africa Works Ethiopia supported initiative, implemented by First Consult PLC, Tikus plans to create job opportunities for 1000 young men and women, deploying 200 delivery bicycle messengers throughout the city in the first phase. The programme has also facilitated a bicycle loan offer through a microfinance institution that allows interested young people to own their own bikes with only a 10% down payment.

Tiku’s innovative restaurant-focused solutions boost Restaurants’ success, revenue, and reachability by transforming Restaurants’ operations and increasing their reach and revenue by opening their doors to an entire city. We offer a very feature-rich and interactive mobile app and web portal that easily allows restaurants to receive, accept, and process orders in real-time, the data is then collected and compiled to provide the restaurant with immersive analytics of their sales and revenue.

We use technology as much as possible in our daily operations and are constantly evolving. “Not only do our services save our customers time and money, but they also provide part-time or full-time employment for many youths throughout our city/country.” a word from our CEO Amir Redwan, and we say it’s time to do things the Tikus Way!


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Amir Redwan

Tikus Co-founder & CEO

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Amir Redwan

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