Tikus Delivery provided a second round of two-day training for the 2nd batches of Delivery Drivers


Second Batch food delivery drivers in ethiopia

 provided a second round of two-day training for the 2nd batches of Delivery Drivers. The second Batch contains 8 drivers Who are working and 32 newly recruited youths.

the two-day training includes mindset training, Tikus delivery application tutorial, hygiene and food safety, road safety training, and also helmet support for youths. On the closing date, Some first batch drivers come to share their work experience.

Tikus delivery Since we launch our service in may the first trained drivers have been in operation, the positive acceptance from customers allows us to train and employ the second batch in collaboration with “The BRIDGES programme is a Mastercard Foundation – Young Africa Works Ethiopia supported initiative implemented by First Consult PLC.” Together.

Tikus Delivery is the first in Ethiopia to start the Service of delivering food and other items from restaurants and vendors to customers using bicycles and e-bikes.

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Amir Redwan

Tikus Co-founder & CEO

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Amir Redwan

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